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In the last article, we learnt about the basics of Binary Tree, the type of Binary trees, and the traversals which are possible in a binary tree. Now, we'll implement that using C++.

Implementation of Binary Tree

  • Representation of a Binary Tree Node

A node of a binary tree is represented by a structure containing a data part and two pointers to other structures of the same type.

C++ Implementation of Binary Tree

    #include <iostream>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    using namespace std;

    struct node
        int value;
        struct node *left;
        struct node *right;

    struct node *newNode(int value)
        struct node *temp = (struct node *)malloc(sizeof(struct node));

        temp->value = value;
        temp->left = NULL;
        temp->right = NULL;

        return (temp);

    void preOrder(struct node *t)
        if (t != NULL)
            cout << " " << t->value;
    void inOrder(struct node *t)
        if (t != NULL)
            cout << " " << t->value;
    void postOrder(struct node *t)
        if (t != NULL)
            cout << " " << t->value;

    int main()
        struct node *root = newNode(1);

        root->left = newNode(2);
        root->right = newNode(3);

        root->left->left = newNode(4);

        cout << "The preorder traversal is: ";
        cout << "\nThe inorder traversal is: ";
        cout << "\nThe postorder traversal is: ";


In this article, we learnt about how to implement a Binary Tree in C++. It is actually very useful and easy to understand. This is one of the best places to start when understanding complex tree data structures. In the next article, we'll learn about Binary Search Trees which is a specific version of Binary Tree and it's related properties.

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