Dynamic Programming ( Video Course )

Hi there, in this course I will be teaching the Dynamic Programming concept used in competitive programming with detailed explanation and implementation in C++. This course is a Lengthy Course as it consists of many subtopics and concepts which will take the time as we can't skip fast forward. And the key to master this paradigm of computer programming is Practice.

This course will be covered in three levels which are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Dynamic Programming. So let start with the first thing first.

Dynamic Programming - Foundation: ( Lectures on YouTube)
Practice Problem Sets

The problems in this set are from CodeChef Learn DSA Series, other problems will be included in the next sets.
    1. Count Subarrays ( Editorial )
    2. Billiards ( Editorial )
    3. Count K-Primes
    4. Chef and Frogs
    5. Chef and Good Subsequences

Intermediate Dynamic Programming
  • DP on Trees
  • Bitmask DP
Advanced Dynamic Programming
  • Ugly DP State
  • CF342D Xenia and Dominoes
  • DP Optimization
  • CF189C Kalila and Dimna in the Logging Industry
  • CF321E Ciel and Gondolas

Note: More Topics will be added as we proceed. Each lecture will be followed by example problem and practice problem link will be shared here itself.

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Thank You
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